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Elite Color enterprise covers the area of 138000 square meters, and now is holding 14 developed manufacturing lines, with capacity 170,000 tons per year. The R&D and production of regenerate dope dyed polyester staple fibers is the main business of the company. Green environmental protection is advocated in our company, focusing on the use of reproducible raw materials of polyester for R&D, manufacturing and producing dope-dyed polyester staple in order to keep printing and dyeing sector free from high energy consumption and high pollution so as to create an environment-friendly enterprise and make contribution to globally green and low carbon economy. Elite Color adheres to the philosophy of “Turning waste into treasure and environmental protection” and highlights the characteristics of the cycle utilization and colorization of products, belonging to the industry green with circular economy in the 13th Five Year Plan.

Specific Application
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There are series of products of recycled high-quality colored polyester staple produced taking multi-component waste polyester textile foam material for raw materials, with a wide specification: fibers in the size of 1.55-144dtex, strength of 2.8-5.8cN/dtex and color system of whole spectrum. The products can be widely used in engineering nonwovens, civil carpets, the environment friendly decoration materials which insulate sound and absorb noise, the interior ornament materials in motors and high-speed trains, special functional compound fibers and the fabrics for high-end clothing and so on.

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